How I (Finally) Discovered Good Sleep

How I (Finally) Discovered Good Sleep

It’s 3am right now. I slept for 4-5 hours and actually tried going back to sleep, but I was so awake I couldn’t. In fact, my body didn’t even want caffeine. This was the best I’ve slept in weeks, maybe months. No tossing and turning. No waking up from nightmares or being too cold. No feeling like I wasted 7 hours trying to sleep and still feeling unrested.

Last night was the first time I slept with my new weighted (gravity) blanket. I swear this isn’t a paid advertisement, and I’ll add the disclaimer that everyone’s body has different needs. A weighted blanket might not be the best solution for you, but with my stress and anxiety, I can’t imagine going back to living without it.

Shopping for a weighted blanket can be intimidating. I mean, why would anyone willingly spend $100-250 on a BLANKET?! Some friends have and love the original Gravity Blanket, but I was skeptical at first, so I searched Amazon for one that was highly-rated and affordable.

I spent awhile deciding on a weight and size. The ideal blanket weight is supposed to be 7-13% of your body weight, so I chose the 15lbs one. There were times at night I felt it could be a LITTLE heavier, but it’d probably be too much. I got a twin-sized blanket (48″ x 72″) which is a nice personal size. (The fiancé wouldn’t have appreciated me getting a queen-size one.)

I’d never felt so excited to receive something in the mail, and I knew it was lifechanging from the moment I tried it out. I still have yet to get a cover for the blanket, which seems rather expensive. I also don’t regret picking a cheaper blanket as my first one, if you were wondering.

It sounds ridiculous that my body compelled me to wake up at 3am to write a blog post about a blanket, but seriously… I DO NOT WANT CAFFEINE RIGHT NOW. I want to throw away my sleeping pills. That’s insane to me. Granted, I’m a morning person and will probably take a nap later, but I know it’ll be better and more efficient sleep from now on.

TL;DR – It’s a good investment. Try it.

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