Top 3 Blog Posts for Mental Health Awareness Month

I’m especially proud of myself this Mental Health Awareness Month. Most of this past year has been wildly chaotic–lots of gaslighting my brain into thinking I was okay when I wasn’t and NOT leveraging therapy & meds for the right reasons. It’s terrifying to realize how much trust I’d lost in myself and what it’s taking to rebuild that.

My reflection has little to do with my relationships with others (because I know people will DM me about this) but rather my relationship with myself. It’s been pretty cool to see the results of putting in a ton of work to befriend my inner madwoman, practice self-love & boundaries, and redefine friendship.

For anyone who wants to know my brain better (besides me) and learn from my mistakes, below are the top 3 blog posts I’ve ever written that still resonate with my self-work journey today. I’ve been waaaaay behind on writing this year, but more will be coming soon!!

Befriending My Inner Madwoman

I’ve only started exploring the concept of identifying and reinforcing boundaries with friends and family, especially when someone claims to make a statement out of love but is ACTUALLY shame. Standing up for myself in these instances has inspired me to look in the mirror… If I’m not okay with others saying these things to me, why do I say them to myself?

A Love Letter to Myself

It’s about time you prioritized yourself. After 30 years of caretaking and self-sabotating, allow yourself to feel selfish and focus on your own growth. It’s a rewarding journey to establish your own identity–NOT wrapping it around others–and advocate for your needs.

What’s a Friend to Me?

I had no idea how much my life was going to change when I got the phone call about Vasil. All the promises we made during the pandemic to see each other instantly became moot. Beyond the shock and denial of his death, my brain went into an existential spiral–re-evaluating life priorities and who I was choosing to keep around as friends.

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