Welcome To My Website!

These are my attempts at creating a better version of myself and the world around me–logistically, aesthetically, and mentally.

My Events Blog

This is my compilation of takeaways and resources I’ve presented in event production workshops across the country and online. I specialize in logistics and team communication tools but open to requests and inquiries on what to write about next!

Design Portfolio

I’ve always liked making “pretty” things. Check out the social media branding and event collateral I’ve created. Commissions welcome, either on similar projects or new requests. Share your ideas with me! I’m always looking to learn.

My Personal Blog

These are my innermost thoughts and feelings on how I process the world. If you’re seeking empathy, commiseration, or simply book recommendations, you’ve come to the right place. I’d love to start a conversation or take suggestions on what to write about next!

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