About Me


I roll my eyes at the thought of reading or writing a short biography, but that’s just the perpetually-cynical side of me. It’s also one of the many reasons I started this blog. I could probably highlight my lifetime achievements in a few sentences, but my imperfections and insecurities tell much more about me. 

For those that must know, I’m a millennial events and management professional residing with my boyfriend in San Francisco, California. I graduated from UC San Diego with a Bachelor’s in Management Science… I still don’t know what that major is. I’m heavily involved in Toastmasters, and my favorite things are whiskey, crime shows, board games, and my puppy @OzTheHusky.

There are countless ways to express yourself (writing, speaking, music, art, etc.) and this blog has become one of my favorite journeys. Enjoy getting to know me, and I hope it encourages others to be vulnerable, be genuine, and break through their own perfection paralysis.


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