About Me

I roll my eyes at the thought of putting together a short biography. I mean, the whole reason I started this blog was to dissect my quirks and contradictions… but that’s just the perpetually-cynical side of me. If you want to see highlights of my lifetime achievements, look at my LinkedIn. My raw thoughts and imperfections and tell much more about me. 

In short, I’m a meeting and events professional living with my husband and husky in Denver, Colorado. (Follow our dog on Insta! @OzTheHusky) I’m a workaholic because I love what I do, and I’ve only developed hobbies for the sake of seeming normal and interesting. I’m into crime shows, board games, pole fitness, and whiskey.

I’m sure there’s lots to be loved and loathed about me, which you’ll see as you read about my journey through life. Hopefully it’s enjoyable overall and encourages others to be vulnerable, genuine, and inspired to break through their own perfection paralysis.