Top Leadership Takeaways from Hamilton the Musical

Frankly I procrastinated on this blog post because I felt closeted about my love for Hamilton. The musical, not the person. As a history buff and socialist, my husband can't stand its existence and rolls his eyes if he gets even a whiff of the soundtrack. Now that I've come to acknowledge his truth, I... Continue Reading →

The Power of an Invitation

I think it’s safe to say that everyone loves receiving personalized invitations to weddings and parties. We like to see and hear our name. We like to feel chosen. On the other hand, we're less inclined to respond to a generalized “Who wants to come to my wedding?”

The Self-Imposed Stress of Being Superwoman

Already because of COVID-19, my full-time salary is cut by 20% and I'm working 25+ hours of customer support each week. This means less flexibility in my schedule, specifically not being able to work out as much. I feel weaker and more tired, discouraged at my backward progress in pole. Anxiety reigns over any feelings of achievement.

How an 8-Year-Old Reminded Me to Fuck Politeness

I've been sitting on this blog post draft for several months, and I couldn't figure out why. It dawned on me today that I've been triggered by regret from past sexual trauma (will touch on that later) but it's time I close out these thoughts and push through processing what I've been meaning to write.

Taking Your Logistics to the Gym: Strengthening Your Run-of-Show

In addition to numerous articles about self-care (which can be discussed in a separate post) there are work-related processes we can establish to combat these common stressors. One such process is learning how to build an effective run-of-show (ROS) for each event.

Why I Wish I Got Into More Trouble as a Kid

I think to myself, "Maybe if I'd gotten into more trouble as a kid or was punished for stupid little things... I'd be better about taking feedback?" Grass is always greener on the other side, so I'm unsure but would love to hear other perspectives on the topic. My college roommates swear by being spanked as a kid, and that just blows my mind.

A Woman Named Midnight

It's rare that I wake up in the morning and vividly remember the details of my dream, but today it still lingers, hours later. Maybe it's stress. Maybe it's the gummy I ate last night. I'm a huge nerd when it comes to dream analysis... I guess you could say it's a secret guilty pleasure.

Introducing My “Unfiltered Journal” Series

My hope with this public blog is to reinforce accountability for growth in my life, encouraging me to process my thoughts and feelings in a healthy manner rather than privately shoving them under a rug and burning it sometime in the future.

Why does profanity have to be such a big #$%^ing deal?

After (vaguely) studying several different types of profanity that exist, I believe profanity is EITHER used to put someone down OR not used to put someone down. Regardless of its origin or literal meaning, those are the two high-level intentions I see. Really #$%^ing simple, right? Ultimately I'm imploring a recalibration of our filters so we can react more appropriately to colorful language.

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