What Does My Authentic Self Look Like?

San Francisco has always been my litmus test for change. While the city stayed relatively the same throughout my life, my identity drastically evolved over the years. The child that spent Christmas holidays in the Sunset District could never have foreseen coming back at the age of 30, newly divorced and openly non-monogamous.

Befriending My Inner Madwoman

I've only started exploring the concept of identifying and reinforcing boundaries with friends and family, especially when someone claims to make a statement out of love but is ACTUALLY shame. Standing up for myself in these instances has inspired me to look in the mirror... If I'm not okay with others saying these things to me, why do I say them to myself?

Do You Want Fries With That?

I was introduced to McDonald's in 1997 when my parents made regular trips from Allentown to New York City. (My 4-year-old brother had a role as Tam in the Broadway musical Miss Saigon. #HumbleBrag) My dad always ordered a Big Mac for me, which became my favorite thing to eat. Pretty sure he just wanted... Continue Reading →

One Day More: How Setting Daily Intentions Got Me Through My Divorce

It feels shameful to admit, but 2020 was the best year of my life. The pandemic forced me (well, everyone) to sit with their own thoughts and feelings. All my needs, self-care, and boundaries I’d been neglecting were finally letting out a bloodcurdling scream and begging to be addressed.

Introducing My “Recovered Memories” Series

When I was taking a stand-up comedy workshop, we were encouraged to revisit the stories shared most frequently with friends. You know, the ones they've already heard a million times. This section of my blog is inspired by that concept, except they're the random life moments that keep replaying over and over in my head.... Continue Reading →

Stefanie’s Favorite Denver Spots

Many people ask me where to eat, drink, and play when they visit San Francisco, so I've decided to compile my favorites into one blog post. This hasn't been updated for awhile, so feel free to contact me for additional suggestions!

Life on the Other Side of Medication

I remember telling my doctor about our move to Denver, and she optimistically replied, "When you're all settled in and find someone new, you might consider slowly coming off your meds." Was she insane? I'd been taking Zoloft for a year and convinced myself I could never live without it. For once in my life, my spiraling anxiety and debilitating depression were under control.

The Self-Imposed Stress of Being Superwoman

Already because of COVID-19, my full-time salary is cut by 20% and I'm working 25+ hours of customer support each week. This means less flexibility in my schedule, specifically not being able to work out as much. I feel weaker and more tired, discouraged at my backward progress in pole. Anxiety reigns over any feelings of achievement.

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