Life on the Other Side of Medication

I remember telling my doctor about our move to Denver, and she optimistically replied, "When you're all settled in and find someone new, you might consider slowly coming off your meds." Was she insane? I'd been taking Zoloft for a year and convinced myself I could never live without it. For once in my life, my spiraling anxiety and debilitating depression were under control.

The Self-Imposed Stress of Being Superwoman

Already because of COVID-19, my full-time salary is cut by 20% and I'm working 25+ hours of customer support each week. This means less flexibility in my schedule, specifically not being able to work out as much. I feel weaker and more tired, discouraged at my backward progress in pole. Anxiety reigns over any feelings of achievement.

What Quarantine Is Teaching Me About Myself and My Marriage

As the "current situation" rages on, I've had an uncomfortable amount of time to reflect on my life. This abundance of thought leads me to revisit my personal blog for some productive emotional processing. Like any good speech or essay, I've condensed my random musings into three ways I've mentally benefited from this crazy COVID-19 quarantine.

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